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Nov 17, 2017 Modernist authors,

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Health/ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis term paper 18497. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), sometimes referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is a progressive fatal neuromuscular disease that attacks nerve cells and pathways in the brain and spinal cord. Motor neurons, among the largest of all nerve cells, reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to muscles throughout the body with connections to modernist authors the brain. When they die, the ability of the brain to start and control muscle movement dies with them. With all voluntary muscle action affected, ALS patients in the later stages are totally paralyzed; through it all, however, their minds remain unaffected. Amyotrophic comes from the Greek language.

A means no or negative. Myo refers to muscle, and Trophic means nourishment--No muscle nourishment. When a muscle has no nourishment, it Atrophies or wastes away. Lateral identifies the areas in a person's spinal cord where portions of the nerve cells that nourish the racial contract muscles are located. As this area degenerates it leads to scarring or hardening (Sclerosis) in the region. Over 5,000 Americans are diagnosed with ALS each year. Modernist? There is great variation in the course of the disease.

Symptoms usually appear in individuals between the ages of 40-70, though the disease has been reported in both younger and older persons. Survival after the confirming diagnosis is, on average, two to five years. Progression of posters ALS varies with each individual; therefore, some will live longer--up to 10 years, and about five percent will exceed 12 years. In some cases, the disease seems to plateau. Many patients are able to live productive and satisfying lives especially with the use of assistive devices for modernist daily living, and later in the disease, augmentative communication equipment. Men and women are affected in almost equal numbers.

Also, up to 10 percent of ALS cases are familial occurring more than once in racial contract, a family lineage; but 90 percent of ALS cases show no hereditary pattern. Approximately one-third of patients become aware of the onset of the disease when their hands become clumsy, causing difficulty in the performance of fine tasks. Another one-third experience. weakness in the legs and may trip because of mild foot drop. The. remaining one-third notice slowing of speech or difficulty in. swallowing. Modernist? ALS may be present for some time before any. symptoms are noticed.

This lack of noticeable symptoms occurs. because the lost or damaged nerve cells are compensated for by. nerve cells that remain functioning. Social Work? One early symptom is. generalized fatigue.

As muscle cells deteriorate, patients may. experience stiffness or occasional jerking of the arms or legs. resulting from spasticity (muscle tenseness). Often symptoms begin. in the hands and feet, then travel inward toward the center of the. body. One side is usually more affected. Paralysis eventually may. be virtually complete, except for the muscles of the eyes.

Anal and. bladder muscles and function are not usually affected. There is no specific clinical test that can identify ALS. Authors? Diagnosis is. made by a neurologist through a physical examination, a thorough. patient medical history, and neurological testing. Diagnostic testing. often includes the electromyogram (EMG) to test muscle activity, CT Scan, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), muscle and/or. nerve biopsy, and extensive blood work. While it is true that there is no cure for ALS, much can be done to.

help the patient live with the disease. Treatment aimed at world propaganda posters, relieving. symptoms can be very effective. Generally, patients should. continue usual daily activities, stopping before they become. fatigued.

Patients should be encouraged to set their own limits of. exertion, and to plan how they will use their energy and strength. The physician will probably suggest exercises, including breathing. exercises, to strengthen unaffected or less-affected muscles. These. exercises are not vigorous or tiring, but are intended to modernist help.

maintain mobility and prevent joint stiffness and muscle. Various devices such as foot-drop braces, hand splints, limb. supports or wheelchairs enable the patient to remain as. independent as possible. Good skin care, massage and racial contract, knowledge.

of proper body positioning can prevent sores for those who are. confined to bed for lengthy periods of time. Modernist Authors? If bowel and bladder. function are affected by immobility, increasing daily fluid intake. should improve the situation or the doctor may prescribe stool.

softeners, bulk formers or laxatives. A palate lift may help if there are speech problems, and soft. foods are indicated if the patient has difficulty in swallowing. Because ALS selectively destroys the work case study example motor neurons in authors, the. nervous system, several hypotheses have been put forth as to the. cause or causes of ALS. Researchers are exploring such areas as. genetic factors, susceptibility genes, excitotoxicity, and premature. In 1991, a team of ALSA-funded researchers linked familial.

ALS to chromosone 21. In 1993 the research team identified a. defective SOD1 gene on Chromo-sone 21 as responsible for. many cases of familial ALS. Further study indicated structural. defects in racial contract, the SOD (super oxide dismutase) enzyme which. reduces the enzyme's ability to protect against free radical damage. to motor neurons. In January 1996, a team of researchers reported that their. studies suggest that the SOD1 gene mutations may enhance the. ability of the modernist SOD enzyme to act as a peroxidase, that is, oxidizing and thereby damaging cell components. These studies.

open up possibilities for racial contract possible therapies or strategies to. effectively mediate the authors effects of ALS. But much more research on. the SOD enzyme is needed. Clinical trials of selected neurotrophic and growth factors are.

continuing as biotechnology companies search for possible. therapies for in the last step of the leading process ALS. After 127 plus years, there is a first-ever treatment for ALS. It is. Rilutekr, manufactured by Rhone-Poulenc Rorer. The drug, an.

antiglutamate, extends survival in ALS patients by modernist, an average three. months. The drug was approved by in the of the leading process, the FDA in December 1995. and became available by prescription in authors, January 1996. In addition, two other potential treatments could be approved. for marketing by 1997, pending outcome of clinical data and FDA. review. These are Myotrophin, a development from Cepalon, Inc., and BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) being tested by.

Amgen-Regeneron Partners. Both BDNF and Myotrophin appear. to slow progression of the disease in racial contract, distinct areas according to. clinical trial data thus far. BDNF effects are shown in modernist authors, a slowing of. the deterioration of leading breathing capacity; Myotrophin appears to. slow the progression of muscle deterioration. Therefore, both have. demonstrated the modernist capacity to extend quality of life in the ALS. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurological disorder, characterized. by progressive degeneration of motor cells in the spinal cord and world, brain.

When the motor neuron cell can no longer send the impulses to modernist authors the muscles there is. increased muscle weakness, especially in the arms and racial contract, legs, speech, swallowing, breathing. When muscles no longer receive the messages they require to function, they begin to modernist authors atrophy (waste away). ALS is very often referred to as Lou Gehrig's. disease. Neither its cause or cure is racial contract known. Three known classifications of ALS. have been described: Sporadic - the authors most common form of ALS in mcdonalds, the United States.

Familial - suggest genetic dominant inheritance and accounts for a very. small number of cases in modernist, the United States. Social Case Study? Familial ALS requires further. investigation before the significance of the hereditary factor can be firmly. Guamanian - an authors extremely high incidence of mcdonalds ALS has been observed in. Guam and the Trust Territories of the Pacific.

At the authors onset of mcdonalds ALS the modernist symptoms may be so slight that they are frequently. overlooked. With regard to the progression of the illness, and the appearance of. symptoms, the course of the disease may include the following: twitching and cramping of social work study example muscles, especially those in the hands and feet. impairment of the use of the arms and legs. thick speech and difficulty in projecting the voice.

in more advanced stages, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing and. ALS is individual in each person -- in the area of the body affected as well as in modernist, the. rate of day at progression. It is important to stress that ALS does not affect the intellectual functioning. Nor. does it interfere with the ability to taste, see, smell, hear or recognize touch. Symptoms of the disease. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease, is.

a progressive fatal neuromuscular disease that attacks nerve cells and pathways in. the brain to the spinal cord. Motor neurons, among the modernist largest of all nerve cells, reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles. throughout the body with connections to the brain. War One Propaganda Posters? When they die, as with ALS, the. ability of the brain to start and authors, control muscle movement dies with them.

With all. voluntary muscle action affected, patients in world, the later stages are totally paralyzed; yet, through it all, their minds remain unaffected. A-myo-trophic comes from the Greek language. A means no or negative. Myo refers to muscle, and modernist, Trophic means nourishment---No muscle. nourishment. When a muscle has no nourishment, it atrophies or wastes away. Lateral identifies the areas in a person's spinal cord where portions of the nerve. cells that nourish the work example muscles are located. As this area degenerates it leads to. scarring or hardening (sclerosis) in the region.

Incidence of ALS. ALS is one of the most devastating of disorders which affect the function of nerves. and muscles. Once thought rare, it is now fairly common. According to the United. States National Institutes of Health, nearly 5,000 people in modernist authors, the U.S. are newly. diagnosed with ALS each year. (That's about 13 new cases a day!) It is estimated.

that as many as 30,000 Americans have the work case study example disease at any given time. And that. some 300,000 men and women who are alive and apparently well in modernist, the country. today will die with ALS unless a cure or prevention is found. Most who develop ALS are between the ages of 40 and 70. There are, however, cases of the disease attacking persons in their twenties and thirties. Propaganda Posters? Generally, though, ALS occurs in greater percentages as men and women grow older. It was. once believed that men developed ALS more frequently than women.

That no. longer appears to be the case, and today both sexes are affected in modernist, nearly equal. With recent advances in research and improved medical care, many ALS patients. are living longer and more productive lives. Half of all affected live at least three or. more years after diagnosis. Racial Contract? Twenty percent live five years or more; up to modernist ten. percent will survive more than ten years. The most common form of ALS in the United States is known as sporadic ALS. It may affect anyone, anywhere. Familial ALS suggests the disease is inherited, although no heredity pattern exists.

in the essay my first day at school majority of ALS cases. Modernist? Only about five to ten percent of all ALS patients. appear to have some kind of genetic or inherited component. In those families, there is a 50 percent chance the offspring will have the disease. Other terms which have been used to case study categorize variants of the classical form of. ALS include spinal muscular atrophy, progressive bulbar palsy and lateral sclerosis.

Other variants of authors ALS whose prognosis is world war one better and whose relationship to ALS is. not yet determined include primary lateral sclerosis, juvenile muscular atrophy and. benign facial amyotrophy. Symptoms of ALS. Early symptoms vary with each individual, but usually include tripping, dropping. things, abnormal fatigue of the arms and/or legs, slurred speech, muscle cramps and. twitches and uncontrollable periods of laughing or crying.

The hands and feet may be affected first, causing difficulty in walking or using the. hands for authors the activities of daily living such as dressing, washing and buttoning. As the weakening and propaganda, paralysis continue to spread to modernist authors the muscles of the trunk of. the body the disease eventually affects swallowing, chewing and world war one propaganda, breathing. When. the breathing muscles are attacked, the patient faces permanent ventilatory support.

in order to survive. Since ALS attacks only motor neurons, the sense of sight, touch, hearing, taste and. smell and muscles of the eyes and modernist, bladder are generally not affected. The mind, though, is not impaired and remains sharp despite the progressive. degenerating condition of the body. Diagnosis of essay school ALS. ALS is a very difficult disease to authors diagnose.

There is no one test or procedure to. ultimately establish the diagnosis of ALS. It is through a clinical examination and. series of diagnostic tests, often ruling out last step of the troop leading other diseases that mimic ALS, that a. diagnosis can be established. Authors? A comprehensive diagnostic workup includes most, if. not all, of the following procedures: electrodiagnostic tests including. electomyography (EMG) and nerve conduction velocity (NCV), blood and racial contract, urine.

studies including high resolution serum protein electrophoresis, thyroid and. parathyroid hormone levels, 24 hour urine collection for modernist heavy metals, spinal tap. and x-rays, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and/or myelogram of. cervical spine, and muscle and/or nerve biopsy. These tests are done at the.

discretion of the physician, usually based on the results of other diagnostic tests. There are many diseases that have some of the same symptoms as ALS; some of. them are treatable. Job Uk? It is for this reason that The ALS Association recommends that. a person diagnosed with ALS seek a second opinion from an ALS expert, someone who sees many ALS patients. The Association maintains a list of.

recognized experts in the field of ALS. This is not meant to imply that other. neurologists cannot make a diagnosis, only that physicians referred by ALSA see. many ALS patients. ALS, a motor neuron disease, was first identified in 1869 by the noted French. neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot. However, the cause, cure or means of modernist authors control of.

ALS are presently unknown. The onset of ALS is insidious with muscle weakness or stiffness as early symptoms. Inevitable progression of wasting and paralysis of the muscles of the limbs and. trunk as well as those that control vital functions such as speech, swallowing and. Mental faculties are not affected.

Also, ALS is not contagious. It is estimated that ALS is responsible for nearly two deaths per hundred thousand. population annually. More people die every year of ALS than of job uk Huntington's. disease or multiple sclerosis. (1)

Nearly 5,000 people in the U.S. Modernist Authors? are newly diagnosed with ALS each year. The. incidence of social work case study ALS (two per modernist authors 100,000 people) is five times higher than Huntington's. disease and about equal to multiple sclerosis. The prevalence of ALS is six to eight. The life expectancy of an war one ALS patient averages about two to five years from the. time of diagnosis.

But with recent advances in research and improved medical care, many patients are living longer, more productive lives. Half of modernist all affected live at. least three years after diagnosis. About twenty percent live five years or more and up to ten percent will survive. more than ten years. ALS is not a rare disease and occurs throughout the step troop world with no racial, ethnic or.

(1) Kurtzke, J.F. Kurland, L.T. The Epidemiology of Neurologic Disease, Clinical Neurology, 1989. ALS can strike anyone, and authors, it is projected that of the U.S. Social Case Example? population living today, in excess of 300,000 Americans will die from ALS unless a cure or prevention is. ALS selectively destroys the motor neurons in modernist, the nervous system. Racial Contract? Therefore, consideration as to its cause has been given to agents with selective properties such. as toxic agents and genetic factors. Modernist? Approximately five to ten percent of ALS is. familial, occurring more than once in a family lineage. In 1991 a team of ALSA-funded researchers linked familial ALS to chromosome.

21. In 1993 the research team identified a defective SOD1 gene on chromosome. 21 as responsible for many cases of familial ALS. Further study indicated structural. defects in the SOD (superoxide dismutase) enzyme which reduces the enzyme's. ability to protect against free radical damage to motor neurons. These studies open. possibilities for possible therapies or strategies to effectively mediate ALS. But. much more research on the SOD enzyme is needed. Also, researchers have not.

ruled out other gene involvement (perhaps on other chromosomes) in ALS. Present treatment of ALS is aimed at symptomatic relief, prevention of. complications and maintenance of maximum optimal function and optimal quality of. life. Most of this, in the later stages, requires nursing management of a patient who. is alert but functionally quadriplegic with intact sensory function, bedridden and.

aware he or she is war one propaganda going to die. The financial cost to families of persons with ALS is exceedingly high. In the. advanced stages care can cost up to $200,000 a year. Authors? Entire savings of relatives of. patients are quickly depleted because of the extraordinary cost involved in the care. of ALS patients.

Rilutek , the first ever treatment to alter the course of ALS, was approved by the. FDA in late 1995. This antiglutamate appears to prolong the life of persons with. ALS by at social study example, least a few months. Rilutek is manufactured by Rh ne-Poulenc Rorer.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, (also known as ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, Motor. Neuron Disease, Charcot's Disease), is authors a neurological disease affecting the nerves. that supply all voluntary muscles. Racial Contract? ALS was first identified in 1874 by a French. doctor named Charcot. It is one of the most devastating diagnoses to receive. There is no known cure and, until this year, no medical treatment that could alter.

the course of this disease. Fortunately, we now have one drug shown to extend. the survival of some ALS patients, Riluzole (Rilutek), as well as several other. drugs being investigated. ALS affects the authors muscles of arms, legs, posture, face, tongue, speech, swallowing, and eventually, breathing. It may also affect emotion, resulting in periods of. inappropriate or exaggerated emotional responses. What it does not affect is. thinking or intelligence, sensation/sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight, eye movement, involuntary muscles of the my first heart, bowel, bladder, or sexual. The two currently identified forms of modernist authors ALS are Sporadic and Familial. The most.

common type is Sporadic ALS, accounting for mcdonalds job uk over 90% of the cases of ALS. Here. the cause is unknown and may affect anyone at random. Familial ALS accounts. for the remaining cases (less than 10%) and modernist authors, is caused by inheriting a dominant. gene from one parent. In this case, there would be a family history of ALS among. blood relatives and also a 50/50 chance of the affected person passing it onto. their children. In The Last? If neither parent or other blood relatives have ALS, you'd expect to. have the Sporadic form and, therefore, not expect to pass it onto your children.

Presently there is no blood or genetic screening test to detect the authors ALS gene for. all familial forms of ALS, but, there is a test for the chromosome 21 defect. However, only approximately 20% of the people who have familial ALS have this. defect. Mcdonalds Job Uk? These studies are designed for research, aren't yet available for authors general.

testing. It takes months to get results there can be problems with the tests, (ie. Job Uk? unreadable.) For information call ALSA at authors, (800)-782-4747 or the Les Turner. ALS is a very uncommon disease, affecting about 1 per racial contract 100,000 each year. It more. often affects people over age 40, men slightly more than women. The usual cause. of death is through respiratory complications. Survival time, as well as the course. of the disease (the order in which symptoms develop) varies widely. Modernist Authors? Historically, from textbooks, ALS has an average survival time of 3 to 5 years, with about case study, 20% of those affected living past 5 years. The classic Progressive Bulbar Palsy variant has a survival time of 1 to 3 years.

Let me state clearly that there are a. lot of reasons not to get caught up with numbers on survival time. First, those. numbers are averages based on thousands of people and that doesn't tell us, as. individuals, how we'll do. Every individual's course is different. Second, there are.

documented cases of spontaneous remission and long term ALS survivors. Third, with the availability of gastrostomy feeding tubes, home ventilators, etc, not only. length of survival, but quality of life can be extended. Modernist? Finally, it's far too early to. tell what impact these new research drugs, (and others to follow), will have with. early and long term treatment. Racial Contract? Also, I firmly believe that state of authors mind has a. significant influence over survival time. War One? I'll comment more on that under My. Personal Philosophy at modernist, the end of Practical Tips. Regarding the last leading process disease process, there are 2 types of motor nerves that supply.

voluntary muscles; both are affected in ALS. One type are called Upper Motor. Neurons (UMN's). These begin in the brain and extend into the spinal cord. Modernist? When. these nerves are affected, the result is spasticity, weakness and over-reactive. reflexes. The second type are called Lower Motor Neurons (LMN's). These begin. where UMN's end (in the Anterior Horn Cell region of the spinal cord), and each. travels to day at school a specific muscle.

When these are affected, the result is marked. weakness leading to paralysis, muscle wasting and diminished to modernist authors lost reflexes. As. these nerves become dysfunctional you may see muscle fasciculations. Day At? When. symptoms begin in the arms or legs it may be referred to modernist as Limb Onset ALS. To make matters a little more complicated, there is a special subset of nerves. that come directly from the brainstem and control specialized functions like. speech and swallowing.

When symptoms arise from management these nerves they may be. referred to as Bulbar symptoms. Bulbar is a traditional term for brainstem. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to modernist work effectively on social case study example, any level under time constraints. Well-versed in authors, most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the social work case study example entire process and will receive the paper by e-mail/download.

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Welcome to Australian Funeral Directors, Peter J Jackson's Article. Upon learning of a death, intimate friends of the family should visit the home to offer sympathy and ask if they can help. Using your own words, express your sympathy. Kind words about the person who has died is always appropriate. If the family wants to talk, they usually simply need to express their feelings; they aren't necessarily looking for a response from you. Modernist Authors! What you say depends entirely on your relationship with the deceased and their family. If the deceased is an acquaintance or casual friend, saying I'm sorry, He was a wonderful person and a friend of mine. He will be missed, My sympathy to your family, or something comparable is appropriate. However, if you are closer to the family you may want to ask if there is anything you can do to racial contract help or express your feelings about the deceased. You should not ask for details from the family about the illness or death. Help answering the phone and greeting visitors.

Keep a record of everyone who calls, visits or has been contacted. Help coordinate the food and modernist authors, drink supply for family and essay day at, visitors. Offer to modernist pick up friends and 4 seasons, family at the airport. Arrange housing or referrals to appropriate, nearby hotels or motels. Offer to provide transportation for out-of-town visitors. Help him/her keep the house cleaned and the dishes washed. House-sit to prevent burglaries during the funeral and authors, visitations. The funeral is a ceremony of proven worth and value for those who mourn.

It provides an opportunity for the survivors and others who share in the loss to express their love, respect, grief and social study, appreciation for a life that has been lived. Authors! Through the funeral the bereaved take that first step toward emotional adjustment to social study example their loss. While there is no substitute for a personal visit if you are able to do so, there are many other ways to express your sympathy. Flowers can be a great comfort to the family and may be sent to the funeral home or to the residence. Or, if you prefer, you may send flowers to the residence afterwards. If the family asks that that donations should be made in lieu of flowers, you should honor that request. A memorial gift is always appropriate, especially when the authors family has requested such a gift in lieu of flowers.

Usually the family will designate a specific organization or charity. Remember to provide the family's name and address to the charity so they can send proper notification. It is acceptable to mention your gift in a sympathy note without mentioning the 4 seasons management amount of the gift. If you live out-of-town you should telephone as soon as possible to offer your sympathy. Keep the call brief, since others will probably be trying to call as well. Modernist! Remember to call after the funeral as well.

Just a short phone call to let the bereaved know they are still in your thoughts and prayers, will mean so much. One of the most welcome gifts at this time is food. 4 Seasons Management! There may be family from out of town or other visitors in the house who need to be fed. During the days immediately following the death, dishes that require little preparation other than reheating are appropriate. E-mail is appropriate from authors, those who are not intimate with the family such as a business associate or a former neighbor. The family will appreciate your message of concern. Unless the obituary states that services will be held at the convenience of the family or private services will be held, family and friends are welcome to attend the job uk services.

In other words, if the location and time of the services are included in the obituary notice, it is considered an invitation to attend. It is no longer necessary to wear black to a funeral. Wearing colorful clothing is no longer inappropriate for relatives and friends. However, persons attending a funeral should be dressed in good taste so as to show dignity and respect for the family and the occasion. Funeral services differ depending upon authors, the religious and essay my first school, personal beliefs of the family. Funeral services can be held at a church, temple, funeral home, or even the residence. Whether the authors service is world propaganda posters, held at the funeral home or at church, enter quietly and be seated.

The first few rows are usually reserved for authors, family members, however, people should sit close behind them to give comfort and support. A member of the clergy usually conducts the social work study ceremony, but the family may invite others to offer thoughts, anecdotes or eulogies. Authors! At the conclusion of the service, you will want to leave promptly, and wait in your car if you plan to follow the procession to the cemetery. Remember to job uk turn your headlights on so you can be identified as being a part of the procession. Also remember to turn you headlights off once you arrive at authors the cemetery. The casket is normally placed beside the grave. People then gather around the casket to listen to the rites of burial given by the clergy. Following the in the step of the process clergy's remarks, family members may place a flower on the casket.

In many cases the funeral director will provide flowers for modernist, each mourner. Social Case Study! The clergy or funeral director will then dismiss the family and friends at the end of the service. Immediately after the modernist funeral, the family sometimes invites the attendees to management join them for modernist authors, food or a reception at their home or designated place. This gives everyone a chance to last troop talk and provides some time to relax and authors, refresh. Sometimes friends or church members will take it upon themselves to prepare food ahead of time for this gathering, and relieve the family of this task. After the difficult and busy days surrounding the death, the family is faced with the challenge of trying to resume their day to day lives. Remembering the family during this time, often is critical in in the step of the troop leading their recovery. What you say depends on if you've already had contact with them. Modernist Authors! If you attended the visitation or funeral, a warm greeting or a gentle expression of concern would be appropriate. If this is your first meeting with them since the death, you might carefully express your sympathy. Perhaps by saying you understand that this is a difficult time for them, you can express your concern without causing the bereaved to feel uncomfortable in this public setting.

You might even ask when it would be a good time to essay my first day at school visit or go to lunch or dinner. In the days and months to come, the family will continue to need your support. Try to write or call on a regular basis. Continue to include them in your social plans, they will let you know when they are ready to participate. It is also nice to remember the family on special occasions during the first year following the death.

Don't worry about bringing up the pain and emotion of the loss, they are well aware of that. By remembering such occasions as wedding anniversaries and birthdays, you are not remembering the death, but reaffirming that a life was lived. The Circle of Life - Condolence Letters. By Mary Mitchell. Few gestures are as meaningful to authors someone who's lost a loved one than a condolence letter. No matter what else you have done - attended the funeral, sent flowers, paid a visit to the home of the bereaved, telephoned, sent an my first school, e-mail - the condolence letter will stand out for authors, its kindness. Write your letter in ink. 4 Seasons Management! Use a fountain pen if you have one. Authors! A ballpoint will do if you don't, but it's not very refined. Rollerball pens come a close second to fountain pens, followed by mcdonalds, felt-tip pens.

Use black ink. The condolence letter is the place to recall in more detail the special characteristics of the deceased, visits to your home, lessons learned from authors, that person, good times shared, and so forth. Sometimes it is best not to offer or ask but to just assume the tasks to management help the grieving individual. After the Funeral (consider doing these every week for two to three months) Prepare or provide dinner on modernist, a day that is mutually acceptable. Offer to help with yard chores such as watering or pruning. Feed and exercise the pets, if any. Write notes offering encouragement and support. Offer to drive or accompany him to the cemetery regularly. Offer to house sit, so the survivor can take a restful vacation, or visit family or friends out of town.

Make a weekly run to the grocery store, laundry, or cleaners. Help with the Thank You notes and/or other correspondence. Anticipate difficult periods such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and the day of death. Always mention the deceased by name and encourage reminiscing. If you learn that a friend or relative has died, the first thing to do is extend your sympathy and offer assistance in whatever way you can. If you live a distance from where the 4 seasons death occurred, tell the family if you will be attending the service and approximately when you expect to arrive. Sending a floral tribute is a an accepted custom in modernist authors many traditions, unless the mcdonalds family has requested that memorial gifts be sent in lieu of flowers.

Unless the notice in the newspaper state that flowers are to be omitted, friends and relatives may consider it obligatory to send flowers. Catholics have an option of modernist, sending flowers of a Spiritual Bouquet, indicating that a Mass or series of Masses will be said in memory of the deceased. When sending memorial gifts be certain to mcdonalds mention that the gift is being made in memory of the deceased. Modernist Authors! The organization receiving the gift will normally send a list of social study, donors to the family so the authors family can express its thanks and acknowledge the donation. It is a good idea to arrive at in the last step of the troop the funeral home at least 10 minutes before the service is scheduled to begin. Services usually start precisely at the time specified, and it is considered rude to enter the service room or chapel after the service has begun. If you arrive early, do not try to modernist meet or speak with bereaved family members. Conversation in the chapel, prior to the service, is permissible, but should be conducted in a very low voice.

A friend can be greeted with a nod and a smile, but refrain from conducting animated conversations, even with a friend you haven't seen for a long time. A funeral service, regardless of mcdonalds, where it is held, is a time to conduct oneself with decorum and authors, a show respect for the grieving family. It is a common custom for friends to go up to the casket for a final farewell before or after the service. It is my first day at school, not obligatory that this be done, however; and you show no lack of respect or affection by refraining. Attending the graveside services after the funeral is a choice for each person to determine. The deciding factor will be the closeness of the modernist relationship between the individual and the bereaved family. The trend today is toward shorter funeral processions.

In larger cities, particularly, traffic congestion can make it difficult to move a long procession through the streets without interruptions and confusion. The funeral director or assistant will give brief instructions and an identification device to the drivers of all cars in the procession. The use of auto headlights is mcdonalds, a commonplace method of identification. As soon as you have parked your car in the cemetery, move as quickly as possible to the graveside. Do not attempt to engage the immediate family in conversation either before or immediately after the graveside service. Modernist! It is courteous to follow, rather than precede, the family when returning to your car. The bereaved family will need a few days following the service to take care of the many details that are inevitable and time to compose themselves. Before visiting, a good rule of thumb is to wait until you have received an acknowledgment card or thank you note. It is appropriate to send a short, personal note to clergy to thank them for their spiritual consolation and assistance, the funeral home will generally make a gratuity to the clergy on the family's behalf.

How should I offer condolences to Buddhist friends? It's not common to send food to the home of mourners, but it is common to send flowers to the funeral. Do not send a Mass card. The idea of social case study example, a Mass is alien to modernist Buddhists, be they Zen or otherwise. Mcdonalds! Rather than send a sympathy card, it might be better to write a personal note to your friends. Keep in mind that while they have suffered a loss, the modernist Buddhist idea of death is different from the common Judeo-Christian idea. In Buddhism, each individual passes through many reincarnations until he or she is liberated from worldly illusions and passions and enter nirvana, which is Sanskrit for a blowing out world posters, as of a flame. Shraddah, or Hindu death observances, include rituals that continue for 12 months after death. In India, people wear only cloth or rubber shoes, and women don't braid their hair or oil it to give it a sheen. These practices signal their sadness at losing a close relative. (In rural India, in fact, men go entirely barefoot.) Mourners who touch a dead body are considered impure until they shower or bathe or regain their purity by touching a saint.

The mourning period lasts 10 to 30 days, depending on authors, one's caste. After that, the eldest son in a family shaves his head for social work study, an entire year of mourning. Males who are mourning the death of modernist authors, a parent are considered too impure to enter a temple, since a grieving mind isn't suitable for ritual worship. But they can silently worship or chant the job uk name of God at modernist authors home. Why do Hindus wear white to funerals? In most parts of India, it's the husband or wife who, if they're Hindu, almost always wears white to the funeral of a spouse. There is no hard and fast rule about what others attending a funeral wear. They can don just about any color. The same holds true for Hindu funerals in work example the United States.

But the emigre Hindu community is familiar with Western customs, and even wearing the darkest black in your wardrobe wouldn't be a blunder. Hindus living here know what Westerners are accustomed to, and would not consider your wearing even the most sober of blacks to be a faux pas. Modernist Authors! Just make sure your clothing, like your behavior, is dignified. Sending flowers would certainly be a kind gesture and would offend no one, but keep in work example mind that it's a Western tradition not common in most Hindu communities. Authors! If you do send them, avoid bright colors (white is 4 seasons management, traditionally associated with Hindu funerals)--you might try white or pale yellow flowers. Within the authors Christian faith, there are numerous denominations including: Protestant, Roman Catholic, Christian Orthodox, Baptists, plus many others. In general, these religions share a commonality in social study how they practice the ritual of funerals. Although cultural distinctions may exist, it is important to be aware and knowledgeable of the proper rituals when attending a Christian funeral.

Traditionally, the deceased is taken to a funeral home and is prepared for family viewing. The body will generally be presented in a casket then later buried at a cemetery. Depending on the final wishes of the deceased however, the remains may also be cremated. Generally, friends, family and modernist authors, acquaintances gather at the funeral home to offer their condolences to the family and pay their last respects to the deceased. Upon arrival at of the leading process the funeral home, it is common to firstly approach the casket or urn and modernist, take a few moments to silently reflect or pray. When finished paying respect to essay my first school the deceased, one is expected to approach the deceased's family and modernist authors, offer condolences. Management! This is modernist authors, a very general and common procedure at most Christian Funerals. Today, many funerals may vary depending upon the final wishes of deceased or the deceased's family. Often times a funeral mass or service will take place in a Church or funeral home chapel. So, it is suggested that you find out specific funeral service details, which are generally posted in a local newspaper, on essay my first day at school, the internet with or through word of mouth to be certain of times and modernist authors, dates. Depending on the last wishes of the deceased, their family or cultural background, the body usually will be buried (Interned) in propaganda a final resting-place.

Traditionally, the authors burial will take place at a cemetery or mausoleum. Close family and friends will gather around and a clergyman will recite ritualistic prayers. It was common for the casket to be lowered into the ground in the presence of those gathered. However, today the propaganda casket is usually lowered once everyone has left the modernist authors cemetery. If the deceased has been cremated the remains will be placed in an urn and pending on the final arrangements the remains may either be scattered at a designated destination or kept by the family.

A gathering or wake usually takes place immediately after the interment or is announced at job uk a later date. This gathering is an opportunity for modernist authors, the family to offer thanks to those who have helped during their time of sadness and to also memorialize and celebrate the life of the deceased. Oftentimes food and beverages are serviced at in the last step troop leading these gatherings. Within the Jewish faith, there exists 3 different sects, Conservative, Orthodox and Reform however all three share similar funeral rituals. According to Judaism, the deceased is usually buried the same day or within 24 hours because embalming is not permitted. The deceased's body is wrapped in a white burial shroud and is placed in a simple coffin made of wood.

The Funeral Service takes place at the Synagogue where prayers, eulogies and authors, sermons will be conducted. Depending on the religious sect, head coverings may be required. For Orthodox services both sexes are required to cover their heads, yarmulkes for men and scarves for women. For Conservative services, only men are required to wear yarmulkes. And for Reformed services, the choice is optional. Most Synagogues will provide the head coverings if required. Black and dark coloured conservative clothing is the most respectful attire. Once the funeral service has taken place only close friends and family members will proceed to the cemetery for burial.

Once the coffin is racial contract, lowered to the ground, close family members will place dirt on to the coffin. The focus, until the burial is on the deceased, after which, people may begin to modernist approach the family and offer their condolences. Once the in the of the troop burial has taken place, Shiva (the mourning period) shall commence. Shiva traditionally lasts for seven days and nights. Modernist! The deceased's family is required to stay home for this time period, refraining from 4 seasons management, their day-to-day activities. Allowing mourners to focus on their grief and help prepare them to go back to their day-to-day duties.

Shiva also allows friends, family and acquaintances to offer their condolences and offer help and support to authors the family. Friends and extended family usually prepare the first meal (Seudat Havrach) consisting of eggs, cookies, cake and fruit. Preparing food that is round in shape symbolizes the cycle of life. The Jewish tradition discourages people from cheering up the mourners, thus it is most appropriate to offer words that encourages family to come to terms with their mourning. It is not appropriate to send flowers.

It is customary in the Jewish faith to plant trees to honor the memory of the deceased or to 4 seasons management make a charitable donation in the deceased's name. It is customary to bury the deceased immediately because embalming is not permitted in the Muslim faith. The body is prepared for modernist authors, burial by performing a ritualistic bath and in the step of the leading process, is bound in modernist authors a simple white shroud. The funeral service takes place in a Mosque where shoes are required to be removed; women and men sit separately in posters designated seats; and where women are obligated to wear a headscarf. The funeral service is brief, involving ritualistic chanting and readings from the Koran. Those in attendance will pay their respects by lining up and walking past the body, prior to the deceased being taken to their final resting-place. The deceased will be taken to the cemetery where the body is lowered into modernist the ground, with the deceased's head pointing towards the direction of essay my first, Mecca (The Islamic Holy Land). Within the Buddhist faith customs may vary depending on authors, culture and sects.

There are however, a few traditional rituals in all Buddhist funeral services. They include chanting, incense burning and a memorial service. Historically, Buddhists have cremated their deceased, however burial is becoming more and mcdonalds job uk, more common with Chinese Buddhists. Those attending the modernist authors funeral service are required to pay their condolences to the deceased and the family prior to mcdonalds the service at the funeral home. Wearing black or dark colours are not required. Modernist! Wearing conservative clothing is the most appropriate, however, the colour red is frowned upon. If the funeral service takes place in the Temple, it is required to remove your footwear.

During the essay day at funeral service a family member will initiate the authors service by offering a eulogy and present a life history about the deceased. Chanting sacred words will then take place. First a direct family member will ignite the incense and make a ritualistic offering. The family usually wears white because it is the colour for grieving, they will sit at racial contract the front of the room and accept condolences from those in authors attendance. When approaching the casket a simple bow is all that is required.

After the funeral service interment will take place at a cemetery. Funerals usually take place within 24 hours after a death occurs. Embalming is racial contract, forbidden because it is believed that the body must remain intact for modernist, the afterlife. The first-born son is in charge of the racial contract funeral arrangements. The funeral service usually takes place at a funeral home. Modernist Authors! Holy Montras (scriptures) are chanted by a Hindu priest who evokes the help of gods and deities to provide the soul the spiritual guidance to reach the eternal world successfully. Flowers may be placed on top of the deceased and a short service takes place at essay the crematorium. It is traditional that all Hindus are to be cremated. It is customary for modernist, bereaving family members wear white, and those attending the funeral should wear dark conservative clothing.

Although sending flowers is not traditional, it is acceptable.

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23 Things You Should Include To Make A Killer Resume. Devi Clark runs the Outsiders#x27; Network, a safe space for modernist authors people who feel different from social norms. Full Bio. Mcdonalds Job Uk! Put yourself in a recruiters shoes. If you were faced with a stack of resumes what would you want? The ability to download all the info into your brain, the way that Neo from modernist authors Th e Matrix gets plugged in and learns Kung Fu in about ten seconds? Unfortunately it doesnt really work like that. In fact, research shows that recruiters take only six seconds to make their initial judgement on a resume.

If your resume is screened by job uk a computer first, it may not even get that far. So, your job, when creating a killer resume, is to make it really easy for the recruiter to spot the most important benefits you offer the employer. Do the work, so they dont have to. Heres how: 1. Make sure your resume is modernist authors, tailored to the job you are applying for. Generic resumes may be quick to submit, but far less effective. Better one excellent job application than three shoddy ones. Researching the cultural norms of the organization is worthwhile. For example, within one industry some will value experience but not care much about work case education, while others care about your qualifications.

2. Modernist! Only apply if you meet the job criteria. Dont waste your time or the recruiters applying for jobs if you dont meet their criteria. If you still want that job, go and racial contract expand your skill set before trying again in future. Even if you get through the first screening, lying about modernist or exaggerating your accomplishments is mcdonalds job uk, likely to come back to modernist authors, bite you. Recovering from the loss of trust is hard. After writing the resume, check it for keywords from the job description. Keywords are gifts to you from the employer. Add them into the existing text so they flow naturally. This will help your resume get past screening software, and recruiters who are accustomed to searching quickly for mcdonalds job uk these keywords. 5. Structure your resume carefully.

It is modernist, easiest for the recruiter if your key skills and 4 seasons management background are summarised at modernist authors, the top. Make sure your current and essay school most recent previous role are on the first page. Your education and qualifications are generally less important than your professional experience, so put these later. 6. Show how your most recent two jobs are relevant. Recruiters will spend 80% of their time on modernist your name, the company, job title, start and 4 seasons end dates for modernist authors your current and previous companies, and in the last step troop finally your education. If you are changing direction in your career, you will need to work even harder to draw out the skills and networks you are bringing from these last two jobs. Remember the recruiter will scan your resume in seconds. Including your school paper round or even lengthy details of your first job out of college is not something a recruiter will thank you for (unless, of course, you are applying for your second job out of authors college). Racial Contract! Show the recruiter that your career makes sense.

Tell a story which shows promotions and additional responsibilities as you delivered value to your employer. Authors! CAR stands for Context, Action, Results. Use them as a mental checklist. Keep the context short: just long enough for the recruiter to know what your job was. Spend longest what you actually achieved as a result of the actions that you took. Qualify your results wherever possible. Beating your targets, raising finance, cutting costs, making great sales all provide convincing and easily digested data which demonstrate your achievements. Social proof such as promotions and customer feedback are also worthwhile. Job Uk! Include personal projects, sports or voluntary work that you participate in, but be aware if they are activities which might stereotype you or turn an modernist authors, employer off. 12. Include links to other sites and social media.

Keep your resume short while demonstrating your talents by providing links to articles, photos, or websites youve designed, or a portfolio. Also, provide the url for your LinkedIn profile and Twitter feed it those reflect your professional abilities. Clearly, you want to 4 seasons management, avoid a Facebook page with photos of your drunken exploits. Better still, dont post these on social media in the first place. 13. Give a good reason for leaving an authors, employer.

Recruiters will especially be looking at work case study example, the reasons you want to leave your current employer and modernist how long you were with them. My First Day At! If youve had a series of modernist short-lived positions youll need a convincing explanation of world posters why a recruiter should take a risk on you. 14. Explain gaps in modernist authors, your employment history. Leaving a gap on your resume leaves the recruiter wondering. World Propaganda Posters! If youve taken time out for modernist parenting or starting your own business, tell them. If youve been traveling, show how it has enriched you as a candidate. 15. Exclude irrelevant information.

Dont reveal your age, race, gender, marital status, or whether you have kids. Research shows that even the most self-aware recruiters have unconscious biases. Make it easy for a recruiter to be confident that you are eligible to work without having to apply for work permits. 17. Make it easy for job uk the recruiter to contact you. Include contact details with your email and one phone number (dont make the recruiter have to guess which number to authors, use). Dont bother with your home address.

Make sure your formatting goes hand in hand with the resume structure to ensure recruiters can spot the in the troop key information easily. Create clear sections with easy-to-read, consistent headlines. Use an modernist authors, attractive font, which is case, also easy to read. Dont use Word templates. Authors! If your design skills are truly terrible get someone else to social study, do the formatting for you. In this case, boring is good. Unless you are specifically applying for a graphic design or creative role and want to demonstrate your talent, avoid unusual formats. Remember, the recruiter doesnt want to be distracted as they scan the page.

Cut anything that seems clever but reduces clarity, including pictures. If you do use something different, make sure it is effective and suits the employers own style before you submit it. 20. Authors! Submit your resume in pdf format. Unless you are asked otherwise, send your resume as a pdf. This will ensure your formatting remains consistent on war one propaganda posters any device. Modernist Authors! Obvious, perhaps, but surprisingly often spelling and essay my first grammar mistakes are what leads to a resume being put in the reject pile. Use the modernist past tense and third person, not first person consistently throughout your resume.

Dont rely on your computers spelling and grammar checkers. They are often wrong. Edit it yourself and then get another person to read your resume with fresh eyes. Essay! 22. Check before you include a cover letter. Most cover letters are a waste of time. Either dont bother, or, if the recruiter specifically requests one, make sure it says something meaningful. Cover letters can be used as headlines, picking out the most relevant parts of a resume. They can deal with issues the recruiter may be concerned about, such as a change of career direction.

They can remind a recruiter about an occasion that gave them cause to trust or care about you. Unless you are applying to modernist authors, a tiny company, or you know the CEO personally, it is not the CEO who will be doing the initial screening. Dont waste their time. But unlike money, you can#x27;t make more. You can, however, maximize each and every second you spend. Lifehack#x27;s mission is to help you make enormous gains with the racial contract limited time you have.

With the insights we provide, your seconds can be worth hours, and days can be worth years in value.

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Four Different Types of modernist authors Writing Styles: Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, and racial contract Narrative. A writers style is a reflection of modernist authors his or her personality, unique voice, and way of approaching the audience and readers. However, every piece writers write is for a specific purposefor example, writers may want to explain how something works or persuade people to agree with their point of essay day at view. While there are as many writer's styles as there are writers, there are only four general purposes that lead someone to write a piece, and these are known as the four styles, or types, of writing. Knowing all four different types and their usages is important for any writer. Here are the categories and their definitions: Expository writing's main purpose is to explain. It is a subject-oriented writing style, in which authors focus on telling you about a given topic or subject without voicing their personal opinions. These types of essays or articles furnish you with relevant facts and figures but do not include their opinions.

This is one of the most common types of writing. You always see it in modernist authors, textbooks and how-to articles. In The Last Leading? The author just tells you about a given subject, such as how to do something. Usually explains something in a process. Is often equipped with facts and figures. Is usually in a logical order and sequence. When You Would Use Expository Writing: Textbook writing. How-to articles. Recipes.

News stories (not including opinion or editorial pieces). Business, technical, or scientific writing. Many people associate the taste of pumpkins with fall. In October, companies from authors, Starbucks to McDonalds roll out their pumpkin-flavored lattes and mcdonalds job uk desserts. Here is modernist, how to make an easy pumpkin pie using only five ingredients. First, make sure you have all of the ingredients. This writing is expository because it is explaining . In this case, you can already tell that the piece will be about how to make a pumpkin pie. Everyone knows that the essay my first day at, best part about fall is modernist, all of the pumpkin-flavored desserts. Essay My First Day At School? Pumpkin pie is the best fall treat because it is not only delicious but also nutritious. Authors? Pumpkin is filled with vitamin A, which is essential for a healthy immune system and good vision.

This is not expository because several opinions are stated, such as Pumpkin pie is the essay, best fall treat Although this excerpt contains a fact about pumpkin containing vitamin A, that fact is used as evidence to support the opinion. These opinions make this an example of persuasive writing. Descriptive writing's main purpose is to describe. It is a style of modernist authors writing that focuses on world propaganda describing a character, an event, or a place in great detail. It can be poetic when the author takes the time to modernist be very specific in mcdonalds job uk, his or her descriptions. In good descriptive writing, the authors, author will not just say: The vampire killed his lover.. He or she will change the sentence, focusing on more details and descriptions, like: The bloody, red-eyed vampire, sunk his rust-colored teeth into the soft skin of his lover and ended her life. It is often poetic in social work, nature It describes places, people, events, situations, or locations in a highly-detailed manner. Modernist Authors? The author visualizes what he or she sees, hears, tastes, smells, and social work case feels. When You Would Use Descriptive Writing: Poetry Journal or diary writing Nature writing Descriptive passages in fiction.

The iPhone 6 is authors, unexpectedly light. While size of its screen is bigger than those of the iPhones that came before, it is 4 seasons management, thinner, and its smooth, rounded body is made of aluminum, stainless steel, and glass. Modernist Authors? The casing comes in a whitish silver, gold, or a color the company calls space gray, the color of the lead of a pencil, with darker gray accents. This is an example because it describes aspects of the phone. It includes details such as the essay school, size, weight, and material. So you just brought home a shiny new smartphone with a smooth glass screen the size of your palm. The first thing you will want to do when purchasing a new cell is authors, buy a case.

Cracking your screen is an awful feeling, and protection is inexpensive when you compare it to the costs of racial contract a new phone. Even though this example uses adjectives, you can tell that this is modernist, not an example of descriptive writing because the purpose is not to management describe the phoneits to modernist authors persuade you to buy a case. Persuasive writing's main purpose is to convince. Unlike expository writing, persuasive writing contains the opinions and biases of the author. To convince others to agree with the last step troop leading, author's point of view, persuasive writing contains justifications and modernist authors reasons. It is often used in letters of complaint, advertisements or commercials, affiliate marketing pitches, cover letters, and newspaper opinion and editorial pieces. Persuasive writing is equipped with reasons, arguments, and last of the leading process justifications. In persuasive writing, the author takes a stand and asks you to agree with his or her point of view. It often asks for readers to do something about the situation (this is called a call-to-action).

When You Would Use Persuasive Writing: Opinion and editorial newspaper pieces. Advertisements. Reviews (of books, music, movie, restaurants, etc.). Letter of recommendation. Letter of complaint. Cover letters.

Following the 2012 Olympic Games hosted in London, the UK Trade and modernist authors Investment department reported a ?9.9 billion boost to the economy. Although it is expensive to host the Olympics, if done right, they can provide real jobs and essay school economic growth. This city should consider placing a bid to host the Olympics. This is persuasive writing because the author has a beliefthat this city should consider placing a bid to modernist host the Olympicsand is trying to convince others to agree. According to legend, the social work example, Olympics were founded by modernist authors, Hercules. Now almost 100 countries participate in the Games, with over two million people attending. So cities from Boston to Hamburg begin considering their bid to be a host city more than 10 years in advance. All of these statements are facts. Therefore its expository. To be persuasive writing, you must have an opinion that youre trying to persuade people ofthen, of course, you will support that opinion with evidence.

Narrative writing's main purpose is to job uk tell a story. The author will create different characters and tell you what happens to them (sometimes the author writes from the point of view of one of the charactersthis is known as first person narration). Authors? Novels, short stories, novellas, poetry, and biographies can all fall in the narrative writing style. Management? Simply, narrative writing answers the question: What happened then?. A person tells a story or event. Has characters and dialogue. Has definite and logical beginnings, intervals, and authors endings. Often has situations like actions, motivational events, and disputes or conflicts with their eventual solutions. Examples of When You Would Use Persuasive Writing: I dont think thats a good idea, said Jaelyn. You never used to be such a girl! retorted Orin, pushing open the door. Reluctantly, Jaelyn followed.

This is a narrative because its telling a story. Mcdonalds? There are different characters conversing, and a plot is unravelling. Cutting Edge Haunted House holds the Guinness World Record for modernist authors the largest haunted house on day at school earth. Modernist Authors? Its located in a district in Fort Worth, Texas known as Hell's Half Acre in a century-old abandoned meat-packing plant. The haunted house takes an hour to complete, winding through horrific scenes incorporating the factory's original meat-packing equipment. While this would serve as a worthy setting for a story, it would need a plot before it could be called a narrative. These are the four different types of writing that are generally used. There are many sub-types of writing that may fall in any of those categories. A writer must know all these styles in management, order to identify the purpose of his or her own writing and make sure it's something the audience wants to read.

Which type of writing style do you prefer to use? How to Add Narrative and Descriptive Elements to Expository Writing. by Nadia Archuleta 2. 100 Expository Essay Topic Ideas, Writing Tips, and modernist Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 22. by Virginia Kearney 1. How to Describe Yourself - 180 Words for mcdonalds job uk Your Positive Qualities. by Susana S 363.

100 Cause and Effect Essay Topics. by Virginia Kearney 37. 100 Argument or Position Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 37. I relly like tis cuse it is relly helpful to my work. its really a good thing to read about. Truly helpful to modernist authors any writer. Great post. This was very helpful. I really am glad that this will help me with my reaport. Shahid Vistro 11 days ago.

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I've never really thought about general basic writing styles. Authors? What I look for last in an article is modernist authors, understandability. If an article is too wordy, for the description at hand, then it becomes a tough read and hard to understand. My thinking on that is if you can say it with 10 words then use 10 words and no more. I call this efficiency of communication. As you can see by my description I’m taking about technical writing. But the idea can be applied, to a limited degree, to other styles of writing. What bothers me about some writers is that they would rather try to racial contract impress you with big complicated words instead of trying to communicate and idea or concept. Modernist Authors? Conservative political writer William F Buckley was like this and you always needed a dictionary to decipher his articles.

As and example of what I’m taking about read the comments by Madhu is this blog. In my opinion he is right in what he said but he could have been less of a show off and in the of the troop leading more of a communicator. kodak lightskin 4 months ago. thanks for the help. thanks for helping me. IT'S good and helpful MR.Syed Hunbbel Meer. Good and modernist authors helpful reading material. Anthony Alcock 5 months ago. Many people associate the taste of pumpkins with fall. Work Example? In October, companies from modernist authors, Starbucks to McDonalds roll out their pumpkin-flavored lattes and desserts. Here is how to make an easy pumpkin pie using only five ingredients.

First, make sure you have all of the ingredients. 'Many people' is an my first day at, opinion. 'Here is how to' is an modernist, opinion/recommendation. 'First, make sure . ' is condescending and unnecessary. It was very helpful for my project. I look forward to see your recent posts. Social Work Study Example? Please post soon! Thanks! It was very helpful.

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Add Your Commett. tttttttttttrtytryergfdfytreyw4treytrh. Tomfoolery 12 months ago. Your description for job uk narrative still has the identifiers of the category above it. Clean up on aisle #4 . Ogbe Isaac 13 months ago. Very useful! A very big thank you to the author. it was sure usefelllllll. I found one mistake and am wondering if you could edit it? It is modernist authors, under the school, narrative section, where it says, Examples of When You Would Use Persuasive Writing and I believe you all meant to authors say, . Narrative Writing. I would like to use this article with my class. Thanks.

Thanks for the great article! Minor edit suggestion: Under the heading Narrative, change subheading Examples of racial contract When You Would Use Persuasive Writing to . Modernist? Narrative Writing. hameed ullah 13 months ago. Great, very simple.. Racial Contract? thnxx for modernist sharing. kanwar azlan 13 months ago. Nyc and easy words. thanks to give this information in such a easy manner. Thank you for the information you provided, the information was very useful for me. The poll is clear, remove expository but do not remove expository O?.

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Tony Garcia 17 months ago. I thoroughly enjoyed your format. Modernist Authors? Your structure allowed for an easy read. elegant appproach but one thing seems strange that where is character writting. Excuse me, sir or madam, but for narrative writing, it says When You Would Use Persuasive Writing. I am curious as to why this is so. chris roberts 19 months ago. very informative love it. Cee-Jay Aurinko 19 months ago from Cape Town, South Africa. Persuasive, Descriptive, and Narrative Writing. That's me.

Before this Syed, I only had one word for the type of 4 seasons management writing I did - writing. Now I have three! I'm glad I read your post today. Calum Tingham 19 months ago. Great information here, as I develop my writing skill I am now moving from a more narrative style, to a persuasive style. Modernist? Just the advice/help I needed on this blog post.

Thank you. Syed Hunbbel Meer 20 months ago from Karachi, Pakistan. 125 comments and of the leading counting. WOW! I'm glad my article was so helpful to all of you.

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It is quite informative. thank u. it's really help me out. For instance, your examples are a bit misleading-your expository writing example has persuasion in it too though more implicit. What looks neutral, 'looks' neutral. There is modernist, more to the story than that. The better thing to do is to understand that these processes overlap most often than not. Writing is multilayered. You can't rigidly compartmentalize it like this. These are just temporary rubrics that can be used as a n intial guide but as you write, you realize these things keeps overlapping. Writing is school, a more spntanoeus, and a hetrogenous process. You did a great job with categorizing but there are issues associated with compartmentalizing writing that is a far more complex process.

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This is a very useful article, and you wrote it in a way that made it a breeze to read. I found out that I am more of a the persuasive type. I write about modernist authors factual things and add my own views and beliefs on it to some degree. War One? I guess this is my starting point to further go deeper into this kind of writing. Thank you. good work done.really helped me a lot especially in modernist authors, ma exams.good work Hub.

I really like it. It's perfect! Information is very useful! Thank you so much! Daphne D. Essay My First Day At School? Lewis 2 years ago from Saint Albans, West Virginia. Great examples and information on modernist authors different styles of writing. This will be a good reference for future writing.

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You have taken a subject that is difficult for folks and in the last step of the troop process put it in perspective. Voted up and modernist useful. If all high school students would learn these four types of writing college would be a breeze! Thanks for the reminder. It's been awhile since I've thought about the types of writing, even as a high school business teacher. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and racial contract respective owners.

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